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BeeKind Banner
BeeKind Coffee Co.

After working as a barista and coffee roaster for over a decade, Rosa Kane started her own coffee company. BeeKind aims at selling coffee with great customer service, whether in person or online.

Location: California Bay Area
Industry: Food/Beverage
Delivery: Logo and Brand Identity


Rosa's illustrative bee logo was too detailed. At smaller sizes, the bee became illegible. Given that the logo was a stock illustration, it also lacked individuality and memorability.


We created a simple but clever logo as well as an easy-to-implement brand identity system. This package was created as a potential design direction her brand could eventually pivot to once her budget grew.

BeeKind Coffee Cup Mockup
BeeKind Business Card
BeeKind Emboss with coffee beans

Logo Thought Process

We thought of ways to incorporate a clever "logo pun." After constant trial and error, we managed to land on a concept that seamlessly combined a coffee bean and a bee.

BeeKind Logo Sketches.jpg
BeeKind Logo Wireframe
BeeKind Logo Brand Color Palette
BeeKind Logo color variations
Bee Animation
BeeKind Typography Showcase
BeeKind Brand Typography

Friendly Illustrations

When redesigning the BeeKind logo, we had to make it modern and legible on social media platforms (Rosa's main sales channel). By creating a series of animated and static illustrations, we kept Beekind's human touch as the brand modernized.

Coffee Machine Fill Animation
BeeKind Label 2D.png
BeeKind Coffee Drip.png
 Coffee Making Process
BeeKind Coffee Table.png
BeeKind Logo

Michael Roberson - Logo, Mockups, and Brand Identity
James Wu - Illustrations, Animated Assets, and Packaging

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