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Kinyet Logo

Kinyet Fincher is a metaverse broker, NFT (Non Fungible Token) investor, strategist, and entrepreneur from Miami Florida. She is also an NFT, Metaverse, and Web3 consultant for corporations and entrepreneurs. Having taught over 75 private students how to make money in the NFT space, Kinyet is planning to launch the site which will feature video courses and articles that further explain the fundamentals of NFTs.


Although already having established her own personal brand, Kinyet Fincher wanted her new site to accommodate more than just her voice. She also needed a series of advertising assets to promote the site before launch.


We created a logo and brand identity suited for the NFT/Metaverse space that didn't include any personal elements that would link the site to Kinyet Fincher alone. We also created a series of web-friendly advertising banners that could easily be deployed in an Instagram, Facebook, or Google advertising campaign.

Location: Miami, Florida
Industry: Education
Delivery: Logo and Brand Identity

Kinyet Logo Wireframe Animation
Kinyet Typography Lockup
Kinyet Logo Sketches
Kinyet Logo in Color
Logo Design Thinking

The eye-catching pink and purple gradient and typography convey a sense of futurism. The icon itself is a play on perspectives. In 2D, it's a hexagon, in 3D, a cube. Combined with the minimal cursor, these elements represent a transition from Web 2.0 to 3.0.

NFT Museum.jpg

NFT Museum in Seattle, Washington - Image Source: Seattle Refined

NFT Revolution.png
Kinyet iPhone App Mockup

We needed to show the client how the color scheme and our design decisions would match the eventual launch of her education platform. Pictured on the right is an example of how the education platform's mobile app could take shape.

Kinyet Subway Mockup Black.png

Thought-provoking ads

In the billboard mockup above, we showcase an evolution from the world of dial-up (cursor on the left) to the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency (Kinyet logo on the right).

Kinyet Laptop Website Mockup
Kinyet Poster Purple.png
Kinyet Poster.png

Futuristic but Friendly

Our color scheme wasn't purple solely for the sake of futurism, purple also has calming and creativity-inducing effects. Given that Kinyet is an education platform focusing on NFT art, evoking these feelings was critical.

Kinyet Color Palette
Kinyet Typography Showcase
Kinyet Typography Showcase 2
Kinyet Logo Gif.gif
Kinyet Social Media Template
Kinyet Ticket
Kinyet Logo

Michael Roberson - Logo, UI Prototyping, Advertising, and Brand Identity
James Wu - Color, Mockups, and Typography
Jerraldo Akinboro - Creative Direction

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