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Matnah Corp

Dauam Campos, fueled by a lifelong passion for art and design, founded Matnah Corp. The name is a combination of his two son’s names “Matteo” and “Jonah”. Specializing in high-end design, Matnah reflects Dauam's belief in the fusion of function and beauty. Matnah aims to ensure a premium design-centric experience for clients in both residential and commercial projects.


Matnah’s founder-created GoDaddy website did not evoke the “high end” and “premium” feeling it needed to. 
In addition, their original logo felt stock. In general their online presence lacked cohesion, professionalism, and luster.


With Matnah, we struck the perfect balance between high-end and boutique while still being industrial and capable of large-scale commercial projects.

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
Industry: Construction & Home Services
Delivery: Logo, Brand Identity, and Website

Shield + M.png
Logo Concept

Dauam wanted an "M" for "Matnah" with a shield that invoked trust in every client. Each vertical stroke in the "M" is also in the shape of a "1," representing Matnah's three main service offerings (architecture, construction, and interior design).

Matnah Type Wireframe.png
Professional Photography

Due to NDAs, many of Dauam's best works were not photographed. This did not hinder the design process. Scribe has access to a plethora of paid professional photography libraries. We supplemented Dauam's current photos with high-quality imagery as seen above.

Matnah Phones.png

Dauam told us that the purpose of this website was purely informational, showcasing his services and previous works. To achieve this, we kept the user interface and user experience dead simple and easy to use; this grandpa-proof site can be fully navigated with one scroll.

Meaningful Interactions

Another function of this site was to gather quality leads. To achieve this, we created several large and attention-seeking call-to-action buttons. These buttons light up with high contrast when hovered over.

Catchy Cards

Like a good song, Matnah's business cards stay in the mind. The Matnah Corp business card shows construction more than it tells with its useful inch and centimeter ruler on either top edge. 

Matnah Business Card Mockup.png
Matnah Logo Site.png

Michael Roberson - Logo and Brand Identity

James Wu - Portfolio Presentation

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