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Modern Day MBA

All while running a 7-figure online e-commerce workshop and co-founding a Gym, Will Rivera started developing Modern Day MBA, an all-in-one online business course. MDMBA offers lessons in Shopify, Amazon sales and fulfillment, drop-shipping, online advertising, and more. MDMBA is still in development.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Industry: Education, Business, Online Course
Delivery: Logo and Brand Identity


Will Rivera noticed that many online courses did not elicit feelings of prestige or professionalism. Additionally, many of them did not have any physical merchandise or promotional material, which only reinforced the common misconceptions about online learning.


Will Rivera saw this problem as an opportunity to stand out. By creating a versatile logo system in the style of elite universities, as well as physical merchandise and promotional material, MDMBA will be positioned as a prestigious and reputable online business course.

MDMBA Logo Sketch 3.jpg
Modern Day MBA Logo Variations
Modern Day MBA Typography Logo
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Modern Day MBA Logo Badge in Color
Modern Day MBA Coffee Mug
Modern Day MBA Yellow Hoodie
Modern Day MBA Blue T-Shirt


For MDMBA, selling apparel isn't just an extra revenue stream. Physical merchandise adds to the course's legitimacy, the brand's attention, and the students' pride.

Modern Day MBA Brand Color Palette
Modern Day MBA Brand Typography
Modern Day MBA Emblem with Key

Not Just Banner Ads

We didn't stop at online display advertisements. To impact prospective students more personally, we created material that they could touch and used imagery of young professionals they could relate to.

Laptop User 2 Resize.png
Modern Day MBA Advertisment Design
Modern Day MBA Newsletter Flyer Design
Modern Day MBA Website Design Mockup
Modern Day MBA Course Offering Design

Michael Roberson - Logo, Advertising, and Brand Identity
Jerraldo Akinboro - Creative Direction

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