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Graphic designer researches logo concepts


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With notes taken from our one-on-one meeting, we are ready to research. We consider target demographic, competition, company goals, and more when examining elements to use for your brand.


Graphic designer moodboard
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We synthesize all our research and create a "mood board." This document consists of design elements that we draw inspiration from when creating your brand.


Logo Sketches
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We start on sketches only after you approve of the design direction from the mood board. With paper and pencil, we sketch several concepts until we find a winning logo.


Graphic designer vectorizes logo
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Here, we bring the logo sketch to life in digital form. Using Adobe Illustrator we measure, colorize, and add text to your logo. After the logo is complete, we create the rest of your brand identity.

Two graphic designers discuss project delivery


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By this stage, we've finished your logo, typography, color palette, advertising assets, mockups, and so much more. Along with sending you the raw source files, we compile everything into your Design Dashboard. With your Design Dashboard, you'll be able to stay organized and make tweaks far into the future without ever needing to pay another designer.

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