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Walnut Woodcraft

Founder Dan Pisegna focuses on displaying the raw characteristics of timber from Western Pennsylvania. The wood used in his projects is usually reclaimed—a more sustainable alternative to newly milled lumber.

Location: Western Pennsylvania
Industry: Manufacturing/Production
Delivery: Logo, Brand Identity, and Website


Dan Pisegna had no method of showcasing his works to potential clients. He also wanted to display information on various wood types to avoid answering frequently asked customer questions. Along with these two communication problems, Dan wanted a professional look as his business transitioned from bespoke work to batch production.


Along with a logo and brand identity, we created a website with a portfolio, contact, and "Find Your Wood" page. This Walnut Woodcraft-specific page details the four main wood types used in Dan's works and tells the client about their properties.

WW Dovetail Stockphoto.png
WW Logo Sketches.png

Dovetail Logo Concept

Dan Pisegna regularly uses dovetails in his joinery process. Dovetails do not require the use of nails and require considerably more skill to produce. When these trapezoids come together, they make an additional work of art. When conceptualizing this logo, we wanted Dan's expertise and craftsmanship to take center stage.

Walnut Woodcraft Lineart Background.png
Walnut Woodcraft Logo with Text
Dovetail workbench
Oak and blue resin custom table
WW Business Card.png
Walnut Woodcraft brand typography
Walnut Woodcraft website product page showcase

Website Design and Content

On the "Find Your Wood" page below, we listed the four main types of wood Dan uses in his works. Each listing contains timber information and a high-resolution photo. In the background are line-art illustrations of each tree leaf.

Walnut Woodcraft find your wood page
Walnut Woodcraft website product page design

Versatile Logo Icon

A logo should be able to be clearly identified and reproduced. Following these principles, we made Dan's logo suitable for any application as seen in the wood engraving below.

WW Logo Round.png
WW Logo Driftwood.png
Walnut Woodcraft Wood Branding.png
Color Palette
Walnut Woodcraft brand color palette
Walnut Woodcraft social media design
Walnut Woodcraft logo icon

Michael Roberson - Logo, Brand Identity, Mockups, and Website

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